Busines hotel・AVE Tennoji hotel

9-19 Hidein-cho, Tennoji-ku, Osaka-shi
Very convenient 30sec. walk from JR Tennoji Station
TEL(06)4305-1002 FAX(06)4305-1234

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General room information

Because all rooms are renovated, you can relax and get over fatigue at a clean room. Click the picture of room or "see details", and you can see the details. You can use the internet at Rest Room on the 9th floor.

* Check in time
Check in 15:00-
Check out -10:00
Check in (capsule room) 17:00-
Check out (capsule room) -10:00
A type Semi-double single roomA type
Semi-double single room
B type Double roomB type
Double room
C type Standard twin roomC type
Twin room

D type Deluxe twin roomD type
Deluxe twin room
E-a type Out bath single room with a toiletE-a type
Out bath single room with a toilet
E-b type Out bath single roomE-b type
Out bath single room

F type Out bath twin roomFtype
Out bath twin room
G type Capsul roomG type
Capsule room