Busines hotel・AVE Tennoji hotel

9-19 Hidein-cho, Tennoji-ku, Osaka-shi
Very convenient 30sec. walk from JR Tennoji Station
TEL(06)4305-1002 FAX(06)4305-1234

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Please use valuable point card.

Thank you for 10th anniversary.
We offer AVE cash back point cards. (1000P - 1000yen, 3000P - 3000yen)
Please ask the front desk (free).

Medical pillow

For guests, who have much concern with sleep, we offer medical pillow which is made by Fabe, Italy. It's lower then a pillow in an guest room and no stress for muscle of scruff and shoulders. They are limited lending, so we sometime can't respond your request.

Medical pillow
Medical pillow
Medical pillow


We has renovated inside the building.
Our hotel rooms (except capsule rooms) adapt Suminoe's "Triple Fresh" treatment which can chemically and physically absorb and decompose formaldehyde, odor of cigarette and four major malodorous substances.It makes good and healthy room environment.
Triple FreshDeodorization of odor of cigarette (absorb and decompose)

Breakfast discount service It has changed to a new menu.

Because of the limited space, we can't offer breakfast service at hotel.
So, we offer breakfast service as below.

Japanese Food

Place Yayoi-ken
The right side of this hotel.
Time 7:00am - 11:00
Salmon table d’hote

You can eat the above menu for the special price 450yen.

* Our breakfast service is above this menu only.
* You can't refund nor use with other coupons.
* Breakfast discount is 1 time only on the day.

Compact refrigerator

All rooms have a refrigerator.To protect your sleep from the noise of compressor, the refrigerators are keep cool only.
Compact refrigerator