Busines hotel・AVE Tennoji hotel

9-19 Hidein-cho, Tennoji-ku, Osaka-shi
Very convenient 30sec. walk from JR Tennoji Station
TEL(06)4305-1002 FAX(06)4305-1234

Welcome to AVE Tennoji Hotel!! We warmly welcome you and wish you a pleasant stay.
Ave Tennoji Hotel is located 50m away from the North Gate of JR Tnnoji Station, which is the nearest hotel to the Station.
We have a variety of rooms to meet your needs.
Whether you are just looking for a place to sleep or a comfortable getaway, we offer relaxing rooms, a public bath and sauna with hospitable sarvice.
Coin-operated laundry is also placed. Because public bath is men only, we present women customers with bath salt.
English-speaking staff is also available.


In additon to having been renewed mattresses,
bed pads and pillows of the capsule room the other day,
down quilts, bedspreads and pillows of the guest rooms are also renewed.
Comfortable warmness of down, stylish design of the cover and the pillow
which is just fitted to your neck and head....Enjoy your peaceful sleep!
We're looking forward to your visit.
All the staff of AVE Tennoji Hotel

Bed mattresses of Capsule room have been renewed!
Please lay back and relax on the new mattress.

Beds in rooms with private bath tub and shared toilet out bath rooms were renewed.
We adopt the mattress which model is used in many five star hotels in U.S.
You can enjoy comfortable sleep.
A summary of the documentary will broadcast on "Jyoho netowark ten" by Yomiuri TV.
15:50 - documentary summarizing 1st and 2nd broad cast
17:00 - 3rd droad cast
The sequel to the documentary will be aired on May 8th.
AVE Tennoji Hotel was introduced by "Jyoho network ten" on Yomiuri TV.
The sequel to the documentary will be aired in the latter part of May.
English site open


The AVE Tennoji hotel is conveniently located just 30 seconds from JR Tennoji Station., which provides great rail access to a variety of destinations throughout Kansai.
To Kyoto JR Super Express Haruka About 40min.
To Nara JR Yamatoji Express About 29min.
To Nankai-Shirahama, Katsuura, Kumano-kodo JR Express Kuroshio About 100min. to 150min.
To Shin-Osaka JR Super Express Haruka
About 18min.
About 25min.
To Kansai-Airport JR Super Express Haruka
JR Kanku Express
About 30min.
About 45min.
To bus terminal to Osaka Airport Walk About 5min.
using underpass
From terminal to Osaka Itami Airport Bus About 25min.
Via JR Loop-line "Nishikujo"
Straight to Universal Studio.
JR-line about 27min.
* Very convenient to go various places in the city.
JR Tennoji Station JR Loop-line Kinokuni-line Yamatoji-line
Hanwa-line(to Kansai Airport)
Subway Tennoji Station Midosuji-line Tanimachi-line
Kintetsu Abenobashi Station Kintetsu Minamiosaka-line
Hankai Tennoji Station Hankai Uemachi-line

* Parking

There is a parking 30m away behind the hotel. (20cars)
Rate 8:00 - 22:00 200yen / 30min. maximum 1,200yen
22:00 - 8:00 100yen / 60min. maximum 500yen
* Prices may be changed without notice.
There are some other parkings within 5min. on foot.